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Black Country Museum

On the 6th of November 2012 some children from year 4 went to the Black Country Museum. We did lots of exciting things!

First we went into a gigantic room where a man showed us a science experiment. Fire shot up into the air because of a chemical reaction! After that a group of engineers helped us make different parts of a bridge. It took us 58 minutes and 9 seconds to build the enormous bridge. Eventually we got to walk across the amazing suspension bridge. Then some people gave us some stickers and wristbands.

 Afterwards we went to a room where a funny man did games with us. First we played spot the Newcomen Engine, nobody spotted it. He then showed us an experiment but it didn’t work!

After that we had lunch, we all enjoyed it. Once we had our lunch we went to the Newcomen Engine. We got to watch the water be sucked up from the ground. A man took us underground. It was a bit dark and cold!

Later on we went into a women’s house and she showed us the bedrooms in the Victorian times. The toilet was outside and if they didn’t want to go outside they had a pot under their beds.

 Afterwards we went in the mine. The teachers had torches and we had to wear safety hats so we don’t get hurt. It was extremely dark and cold. The teachers banged their heads lots of times. The ground was very bumpy and muddy. A man took us down there and someone was talking to us and was telling us about the mine.

Finally we went to a room where a lovely lady told us about the Blood Hound car. It was so fast and amazing. We played top trumps with cards.

Eventually we went back to school on the coach. We thought the trip was terrific and brilliant! We learnt so much about science.

Written by Moin, Cara and Harry from year 4.