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The governing body is constituted under the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012.  In addition to these regulations, the Department for Education issued statutory guidance which stated that the governing body should undertake a skills audit of all members, and consider the adoption of a Code of Conduct.

The Local Authority’s model Code of Conduct for Governing Bodies has been adopted for our school.  All of our Governors are bound by this, which explains the behaviour expected; understanding and supporting wholeheartedly the Government’s RESPECT agenda. 

From 1st September 2015, membership of our Governing Body has been:

1 x Headteacher; 1 x Local Authority representative; 1 x teacher; maximum of 2 parents; maximum of 7 co-opted (to include a member of non-teaching staff)

Name of Governor

Areas of skill/speciality/experience

Mr Damian Ward (Headteacher)

Strategic vision; teaching & learning; buildings; finance; community; personnel.  Overall responsibility for school on a day to day basis

Mr Adam Rendell (parent)

Health & safety; discipline; ethos

Mrs Sharon Wilkinson (parent)

Curriculum; ethos

Mrs Hayley Heathcock (co-opted)

Teaching & learning; special needs

Mr Philip Evans (co-opted)

IT; curriculum; ethos

Mrs Mary Duncan (local authority)

Teaching & learning; personnel; recruitment; finance; community; performance management

Mr Atif Janjua (co-opted)

Finance; community; literacy

Mrs Jill Snow (co-opted)

Personnel (HR); recruitment; finance; performance management; data analysis

Mr Brendan Oakley (co-opted)

Buildings; finance

Mrs Trudie Willis (teacher)

Teaching & learning; school council; data analysis

There is a vacancy for a co-opted governor from the non-teaching staff.

In addition to Mrs Wallett and Mrs Watt, other observers are invited to meetings, and other people may be co-opted onto the Governing Body for their particular expertise for a limited time.

The Clerk to Governors is Mrs Lin Benton, Governor Support Service, Dudley MBC

Copies of the minutes from all governors' meetings are available on request from the office.



Jill Snow


I have been associated with Sledmere both as a pupil and since 1992 as a Governor.  Skills which I bring onto the Governing Body are people management/HR and finance.  I am also a very experienced Clerk to Governors which helps to ensure that our work complies with what the Government expects of us.  I have been Chair of Governors for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed serving the school in this capacity. 


 Philip Evans


I am vice chair of governors and chair of the Curriculum and Ethos Committee. I have been a governor since September 2013 and have two children at Sledmere. My background is IT management and aim to give recommendations for getting the most out of ICT and eSafety. 



Mary Duncan


 I am Chair of the finance committee and have been a governor at Sledmere for more than 15 years. 

I worked first in industry and then as a teacher in Secondary and Further Education. I am now retired. As a mother and grandmother, I have an understanding of children and their emotional and physical needs. 





Picture 1 Mary Duncan
Picture 2 Philip Evans
Picture 3 Brendan Oakley
Picture 4 Jill Snow - Chair of Governors