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School Council

After preparing speeches, the school councillors were chosen by all the children in Years 2-6. They have held their meetings with Miss McMillan who was very impressed with their ideas and has enjoyed working with them!


Even though it is only the beginning of the year, the school councillors are keen to make a difference and an action plan has been produced! We aim to improve the school for the better by voicing the children's opinions so that our school is the best that it can be!

Year Group Councillors


Jamie Pirnie

Ava-Lilli Griffin


Logan Hodgkins

Leah Stevens

Isobel Williams


Savannah Cresswell

Wahaab Mohammed

Ahad Ali


Zahaak Muhammed

Lauren Wass


Manaal Amjad

Adam Aslam


The School Councillors!

Our Action Plan- Have a look at what we are going to try and achieve this year!