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'This Is Me' INSPIRE

We had a wonderful morning with you all at our first INSPIRE Workshop of the year. Your support, help and enthusiasm is very much appreciated and we were so pleased to have been able to meet so many of you. Take a look through the photos below at what we did during the workshop. It was the perfect opportunity for you and your child to learn more about themselves and what makes them unique. We, as teachers, have learnt so much about the pupils in Year 6, we are thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead with them. 


Year 6 Team  smiley


"I really enjoyed spending one-one time with my child."

"We had fun choosing the pictures to put on the collage."

"It was nice to see all the children enjoying themselves."

"Very interesting as it shows what the children like."

"Lovely, relaxing experience to focus only on my son, thinking closely about him."

"Enjoyed working with my child and being creative together."