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Our Diorama INSPIRE Workshop

    As part of our topic on 'The Amazing Amazon', we had an INSPIRE workshop based around the making of a diorama (a 3D rainforest inside a shoe box) and we invited our parents and family members in to help us create them. We used lots of different textiles and materials in order to make the different parts of the rainforest: string for vines, cotton wool balls for waterfalls, wrapping paper tubes for trees and crepe paper for bushes and rivers etc. We had so much fun making them and we think our adults did too!

Take a look at some of our collaborative work and some of our finished products!



Here's what our grown ups said about the workshop:no


'Very crafty & lots of fun!'


'The workshop was wonderful. Teachers showed praise and encouragement to all students'


'Very interesting to make a rainforest like this, with lots of space to do it!'


'The time with my daughter was priceless'


'Fantastic! Loved it!'


'This was a lovely morning. I always like to spend time with my son.'


'I thought everything was great...enjoyed the cup of tea as well!'

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