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Our Greek Day

   On Wednesday 29th November, Year 5 had a Greek Day! We came to school dressed as Greeks (as did the teachers) and our day began...

   We went into the hall and we were greeted by a Greek man called Alexis. He talked to us about the history of Greece and we then had to find answers to a quiz about different aspects of Greek life, on topic boards. After playtime, we were treated to a small production of 'Theseus & The Minotaur', (as acted by some Year 5 children) and played some Greek games. After lunch we played 'Trojan War' where we had to try and break down the city of Troy (similar to dodgeball). We also learnt how to battle by getting into a phalanx and marching with spears!

We had a really fun day and learnt lots about ancient Greek civilisation. 

Take a look at what we did!

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