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Our trip to The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

   On Friday 29th March, Year 5 went on a very exciting visit to The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in Stratford- Upon-Avon. 

   Stratford is the birthplace of the famous playwright William Shakespeare and The RSC is home to some of Shakespeare's most famous plays, including 'Romeo & Juliet'.

    Whilst at The RSC, we had the opportunity to participate in workshops with actors who have performed on the stage. We did warm up activities and read and acted out parts of 'Romeo and Juliet'- it was so much fun! We all had a picnic lunch on the grass opposite our learning centre, next to a beautiful fountain- the weather was glorious! When we weren't at the learning centre, we had a walk through the town, to reach Shakespeare's birthplace and to see his actual house! We also saw the Jester statue which is dedicated to Shakespeare's works with quotes from his most famous plays. We also got to have a look at the exhibition in the RSC, that included lots of costumes from plays that have been performed, a HUGE lego mosaic of Shakespeare and an insult chair that we could sit in and it was mean to us in Shakesperean language! cheeky

We had the most amazing day!

Take a look at some of things that we got up to...

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