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Reading Inspire

Our Reading Inspire.


On Thursday 9th November Year 3 had a Reading Inspire. For this, children and parents made a board game that included questions relating to books and we all had so much fun! At the end of the inspire there was time for everyone to play their game too!


Some of the comments we received were:

'It's nice to be able to enjoy learning with your child,'

'It's lovely to spend time in the school environment,'

'I always enjoy the workshops and find the tips helpful so we can all work together,'

'It was enjoyable and a good way of learning to read,'

'It was nice to see the kids making the game and playing them with their parents. It reminded me of my childhood of playing snakes and ladders!'

'It was lovely to spend and do activities with my child and the teachers,'

'It was amazing, glad to know the kids know a lot. It gives us more time to spend with the children in the school environment.'