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We are grateful to our teachers for running a good range of lunchtime and after school clubs for our children.  These provide the ideal opportunity to develop new skills and interests.  A few spare places may be available at the moment, so just ask the teacher responsible for the club.




After School


Year 3 Recorders with Mrs Hillery

Year 6 Maths Revision with Mr Jones

Year 5 & Year 6 Homework & Study Club Miss Aket

Year 5 & Year 6 Rock Choir Glee Club with Mr Jones

Year 4 Tennis with Mr Hyde

Year 5 & Year 6 Football with Mr Ludlam


Year 1 & Year 2 Mindful Meditation with Miss Aherne

Year & Year 2 Colouring Club with Miss Smith (Y2)

All Year Groups Badge Making in Miss Smith (Y5)

Year 2 Multisports with Mr Ludlam


Year 3 & Year 4 Times Tables with Miss Ware & Mrs Silcock

Year  6 Tag Rugby with Mr Ludlam

4 weeks only up 9.10.19


After half term Year 5 & Year 6 Harry Potter Club with Miss Kara & Mrs Dowler

Key Stage 2 BSL Sign Language with Mrs Parsons

Year 3 Gymnastics with Mr Ludlam