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STEM day at RAF Cosford

    On Tuesday 25th March, a group of 12 children and 2 members of staff had the opportunity to visit the RAF Museum in Cosford to take part in a STEM day (Science, Technology, engineering and Maths). 

    We participated in 4 different activities geared towards STEM. Firstly, we got to make and then fire our own rockets. We had a competition against the other schools and one of our pairs came a fantastic 2nd place! Next we moved onto 'Materials', where we did 3 different experiments, including generating power through potatoes and using UV pens!

     After that, we headed for 'Cargo Drop'. A great activity that involved us working in groups to make a parachute that would safely deliver 3 rich tea fingers when dropped from a height! Finally, after lunch we moved on to 'Robots'. Here, we got to control robots and make them move around a maze and complete challenges through laptops and ipads. 

    We had a fantastic day and learnt so much, we even got chance to have a quick look around Hangar 1 (where we were based), to see all the fascinating planes, helicopters and rockets from years gone by. We were even given a medal for taking part in the day!


Take a look at some of the things that we did!

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